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Overcoming the obstacle of hate

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes in life people do bad things. Good people do bad things and bad people do good things. To truly experience joy on a daily basis it is vitally important to acknowledge hate in your own heart, for hate eats away at joy, feeds on joy and spreads like wildfire.

How do you truly learn to love your enemy when your enemy has gone out of their way to cause you misery in life? First step is to actually acknowledge that you feel hate for a particular person, place, thing, religion whatever the case may be, acknowledge your true feelings. By truly acknowledging the feelings that are invoked when you bring to mind the object of your hate you can accept yourself completely and in this moment you can set the intention to love your enemy as you love yourself. This is truly the path that the great sages have spoken of for eons.

This path requires true dedication to your own peace and happiness. For to allow another person, place or thing to have so much power over you that you emanate hate at the mere thought of this thing is a sign that you need to spend more time in contemplation about the object that stirs such strong emotion. To deny its presence actually feeds it and gives it power. To truly acknowledge all aspects of you requires courage and complete honesty with yourself. It is ok to not like some aspects of yourself if you bring it into the light of day. For within the light of day, i.e. the acknowledgment of self-judgement you truly set yourself free of limiting and self-defeating actions such as hating when you want to be happy.



Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to Mum’s all over the world.

Some of you may remember that I wrote a blog about exploring the sacred within. At the time I wrote that blog my intuitive guidance was telling me that it is time to do the Sacred Woman work. Being both intuitive and inquisitive by nature I Googled ‘Sacred Woman’ and found a book title with the words Sacred Woman.

I ordered my copy of ‘’The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman’ by Christine R. Page. M.D. when I went to the Meditation Circle I attend at Crystal Connections. One month later my copy arrived and I picked it up yesterday. I’m about 25 pages in and OMG is it resonating with me. Already I love the book, the way the author explores archetypes and the ‘Great Mother’. For me this book has come at the right time, as with everything in my life timing is everything. I am on my path of exploring ‘The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman’ and the wonderful journey of motherhood, for we are the bringers of life.


Coping with disappointment

Sometimes things don’t go the way we want or situations become out of sync with what we thought was happening. I think it is important to accept how I feel and if disappointment is an emotion that I am experiencing in this moment, I choose to sit with it. I give it a voice and acknowledge what has disappointed me. Maybe you had plans for the weekend, something scheduled for months and you take the time and show up, but something got lost in the process and the plans were cancelled but nobody bothered to let you know. Maybe you showed up two days in a row because for whatever reason on the first day reception told you it was scheduled only for the following day. So taking time out of my busy schedule I showed up two days in a row and I’m sitting with disappointment.

Disappointment never travels alone, there may be other emotions tied in with the feeling of being let down. It is actually ok to acknowledge all of the emotions and allow the moment respect, because this is something that is happening and feelings need to be acknowledged otherwise they sit and sink into the shadow to cause havoc at inopportune moments. Take the time and acknowledge what’s going on in the inner world of emotions and be at peace with however you find your emotions on a daily basis. True happiness takes courage to allow all emotions freedom of expression. I hope the sun is shining for you.