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Train the mind: learn to live now

Cindy Maree: science, personal development and spiritual growth

Ever wondered what you can do to make your life feel more relaxed and content?   Eckhart Tolle writes about being present in the now.  It works because you just look at the immediate problem and ask yourself if you can do anything right now, are you doing it?  It’s a simple philosophy but oh so hard to train your mind to live in the now.  It takes practice just like anything.  You have to spend the time training your mind.

Buddhist philosophy refers to the mind like an unruly child or one of my favourite analogies like a wild horse you are trying to ride.  You have to put the bridle on and train the horse to go where you want and not allow the unruly mind to run wild.  I firmly believe everybody can benefit from spending 5 minutes a day taming the unruly mind.  You can do this…

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