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Understanding the importance of shadow

In a recent discussion on the impacts of how shadow can operate on the human psyche I used the analogy of being a little child in bed with the lights off and thinking there is a monster under the bed. The child is scared and the more noise coming from under the bed invokes more fear of a bigger monster.  However, when you turn the light on and check under the bed you realize it is just a cat.

Fear can work on the conscious mind in a similar manner. You might be afraid of shadows only to realize that the scary looking thing was just the shadow of a windy tree and yet the fear is real and the effects on the body are equally real.  If someone has chronic fear this may seem irrational and can then have a flow on affect in negative thought patterns. This can in turn lead to feelings of insecurity and a lack of confidence.

Taking time to understand when and how a fear developed in life is paramount to turning on the light and having a look under the bed. Identifying a specific event when the fear first manifested in life can be a major point in unravelling the impacts of fear on the body and releasing the effects of shadow e.g. fearing a big scary monster under the bed and realizing it is just the cat playing.





Metaphysics is one of those concepts in spirituality that has taken on a somewhat different meaning to any of a number of possible definitions including:

  • ‘Philosophical study of the nature of reality, concerned with such questions as the existence of God, the external world’
  • ‘System of first principles and assumptions underlying an enquiry or philosophical theory’
  • ‘Branch of philosophy that deals with first principles, especially of being and knowing’

In today’s terms metaphysics is more likely to be used as a broad term covering different techniques used in spiritual practice to bring people into alignment with their soul-purpose and the pure joy available in the physical world when body-mind connection is explored with spiritual overtones.

An apt description of metaphysics must acknowledge that occult influence and spiritual pursuit of the meaning of life are co-joined in a bid to allow the multitudes to explore hidden layers of conscious awareness for greater connection to Body Mind and Spirit.

Namaste and happy exploring of Self for your bliss in life.