Deceitful people

Sometimes in life you come across deceitful people. They are underhanded and go out of their way to egg another person on so that they feel justified in their false sense of self. If you engage in the practice of deceit no matter what your reasoning is, you invoke karmic debt.
I find it quite disturbing when my integrity is called in to question by someone who is seeking a drama laden experience. I find it even more confronting when I am triggered and fall into an old pattern of self-defence.
People have an innate response that can be triggered known as the fight or flight response. When the response is triggered the rational mind does not even enter into it. When people feel threatened a biological reaction takes place invoking the fight or flight response.
It is that instant reaction, heat of the moment response that is hard to change. A mother with a child present can feel intimated when trying to exchange details after a carpark bingle. This is particularly relevant when the other party has made untrue allegations. Furthermore it is noteworthy to state that deceitful phone and text messages from a person that was not even present with follow-up slanderous text messages are the work of cowards.
I find it interesting that someone with a sanctimonious attitude can harass another person under false pretences and then send abusive messages while at the same time sending a God Bless. Does this type of person think that the hypocritical action of lying and harassment is ok? How many so called ‘God fearing’ imbeciles walk around thinking they are better than everyone else? Well I have got news for you! You have invoked karmic debt – your problem, not mine. My problem is trying to unravel the biological flight/fight response so that old patterns of self-defence are a thing of the past.
Namaste in love and light always look at what you have to learn from a given situation. What you have to learn, not what the other party has to learn. I am working on releasing my reaction to being threatened by a couple of cowards. Every story has two sides – depending on whose perspective you are looking at it from.


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