Monthly Archives: February 2015

The High School

I find it interesting to sit back at the end of my first day working in a high school environment and marvel at my trek through educational environments.
In the late 1980s I had some involvement in playgroups (as a teenage mother), age group birth – pre-school. From the late 90s into the new century I volunteered in an eco-tourist environment and helped park rangers run activities for a range of age groups and in particular the 7 – 14 year age group (activities my first child could participate in during school holidays). Those were interesting activities from teaching kids to dip-net and look at the microcosmic world of water quality – through to damper making, wild life handling and a range of other activities – they were fun times ( and struggling times – single mother putting myself through Uni).
After that came the post grad teaching environment. It started in my Honours year – tutoring university practical classes (academic teaching in labs) and continued through two unsuccessful PhD projects several years apart (i.e. I worked in scientific research in between the two attempts-some things are all about learning the process and that is where the success lies).
Along come’s baby number 2 and this time I am a late 30 something mum. Learn to swim classes start when bub is 5 months old. Mums and bub’s organic gardening course and a music class for under school age and then early primary school involvement in classroom activities provides a solid background. Now I find my journey takes me into high school preparing material for teachers to use in practical classes. My passion for education and a deeper hidden pattern of learning across multiple modalities and differing age groups somehow coming together in a way yet to be realized.
Onwards I journey, open to new opportunities and growth in pleasant ways now dotting the path.
Till next time
Cindy Maree


The Job

It has been a path of hidden treasure that has brought me to this point. A new journey about to begin and finally a job I can call my own. I’ve travelled through scientific literature, explored the metaphysical world and now I get to find a balance with an income all my own. The joy of growing business as a part time enterprise takes off the pressure that was building in my eyes. Now instead of crying for the lack I can focus on the joy of abundance coming back. Tis with peace of mind this night that my business plans ignite and my passion for the help that my services provide really sends out ripples on the metaphysical tide.
Blessings on this night 10590662_939040429443858_419602809570330642_n

Alchemy and the Dragon

I would like to tell you a story about alchemy and the flow of symbology that can add depth and meaning to life. For me it started very early in life, the need to know more and understand the hidden world masked in early occult teachings. So began my journey to uncover meaning and add depth to my own existence. I journey into motherhood at 16 and uncovered the greatest meaning of all to bring life into this world. From there my studies into the occult began in earnest, my early childhood memories of watching Doris Stokes on the Don Lane show stirring embers that needed more knowledge for the flames of my own soul. It is a passion really, the thirst for more and more knowledge.
So back to alchemy: guidance from Spirit to harness the dragon energy in my own “I am” moment lays down the context. The full moon provided a prompt to set the intention in a ritual to release stagnant flow and start moving forward with love and acceptance of my divine right to be in the universal flow of abundance and creation. Calling on the dragon energy to help clear the path of the least resistance so that every step forward gains momentum in an onward path of purpose driven freedom.
In that moment between being awake and meditating and being asleep and dreaming a pewter dragon pops out of an egg. The dragon is a baby smiling still within the egg, wearing the top piece like a hat as it sits in the egg. Understanding that this is a symbolic message, given the dragon energy has just recently been harnessed and that pewter has now been added to the mix.