Alchemy and the Dragon

I would like to tell you a story about alchemy and the flow of symbology that can add depth and meaning to life. For me it started very early in life, the need to know more and understand the hidden world masked in early occult teachings. So began my journey to uncover meaning and add depth to my own existence. I journey into motherhood at 16 and uncovered the greatest meaning of all to bring life into this world. From there my studies into the occult began in earnest, my early childhood memories of watching Doris Stokes on the Don Lane show stirring embers that needed more knowledge for the flames of my own soul. It is a passion really, the thirst for more and more knowledge.
So back to alchemy: guidance from Spirit to harness the dragon energy in my own “I am” moment lays down the context. The full moon provided a prompt to set the intention in a ritual to release stagnant flow and start moving forward with love and acceptance of my divine right to be in the universal flow of abundance and creation. Calling on the dragon energy to help clear the path of the least resistance so that every step forward gains momentum in an onward path of purpose driven freedom.
In that moment between being awake and meditating and being asleep and dreaming a pewter dragon pops out of an egg. The dragon is a baby smiling still within the egg, wearing the top piece like a hat as it sits in the egg. Understanding that this is a symbolic message, given the dragon energy has just recently been harnessed and that pewter has now been added to the mix.


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