The High School

I find it interesting to sit back at the end of my first day working in a high school environment and marvel at my trek through educational environments.
In the late 1980s I had some involvement in playgroups (as a teenage mother), age group birth – pre-school. From the late 90s into the new century I volunteered in an eco-tourist environment and helped park rangers run activities for a range of age groups and in particular the 7 – 14 year age group (activities my first child could participate in during school holidays). Those were interesting activities from teaching kids to dip-net and look at the microcosmic world of water quality – through to damper making, wild life handling and a range of other activities – they were fun times ( and struggling times – single mother putting myself through Uni).
After that came the post grad teaching environment. It started in my Honours year – tutoring university practical classes (academic teaching in labs) and continued through two unsuccessful PhD projects several years apart (i.e. I worked in scientific research in between the two attempts-some things are all about learning the process and that is where the success lies).
Along come’s baby number 2 and this time I am a late 30 something mum. Learn to swim classes start when bub is 5 months old. Mums and bub’s organic gardening course and a music class for under school age and then early primary school involvement in classroom activities provides a solid background. Now I find my journey takes me into high school preparing material for teachers to use in practical classes. My passion for education and a deeper hidden pattern of learning across multiple modalities and differing age groups somehow coming together in a way yet to be realized.
Onwards I journey, open to new opportunities and growth in pleasant ways now dotting the path.
Till next time
Cindy Maree


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