The self-pity train


Most of us have been there at one time or another. On board the self-pity express; heading towards the station called ‘why me’. Oohs the woe! One minute you’re thinking about how good life is and the next you’re back in the past thinking about some sad arse hard luck story or even worse you’re in the ‘right now’ knee deep in shit (lol moment please).

You can be happily traveling along the path of least resistance and bam – something triggers the thought form and you jump on the merry-go-round of self-pity. Then what happens is the thought form takes shape and finds the corresponding emotional storage space in your body so that you start to remember how ‘sad’ feels. Pretty soon you’re feeling a gamut of emotions that have all been triggered and you don’t even know why you are feeling this way.

In most cases you don’t even notice you have hit a snag and jumped track – or have you? If we take a brief look at how the brain stores information. We know from scientific research (look up memory research for those wanting further information) that memory is laid down in different parts of the brain. So to put it another way, at any given moment in time the brain is laying down signal in multiple parts of the brain and body (muscle memory is a perfect example of body memory). For example a specific scenario that might be stored can include sounds, smells, visuals and other non-verbal and verbal cues that might make up a particular memory event. Understanding the simple truth that there are multiple levels of memory that can be stirred up in the course of a single conversation can be very self-empowering or conversely very limiting. Which is it to be! I think I will choose self-empowering.

How do you move from ‘self-pity’ to ‘self-empowered’? ‘Perception is everything’ is a somewhat true statement but not the complete picture. A basic self-understanding or willingness to self-analyze is of paramount importance without the prejudicial way most people use self-analysis as a tool of betterment (yeah I know it is long winded but you get that, tongue in cheek for those who don’t get my humour – another lol moment).

Back to my point, if and when you have noticed that you’re travelling the ‘woe is me’ line. Stop the damn train and change track. Even better start to pay attention and link those emotional lows with preceding thought forms. Start to look at it like a science experiment and collect some data for analyse at a point in time when you can safely use the knowledge to jumpstart your career into self-empowerment.



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