Sammy Rainbow

Lost BirdIMG_2016

The Blog where it all began: that juncture between pure conjecture and total animosity of spirit right now Walls up please Golden light around the whole house and so only love.
That moment where you take stock and decide on authenticity – you know the current catch-phrase that has been sprouted for centuries. Be true to you and walk in the light. Co-join in your own creation and live heaven on earth as it is with love and intention set purely upon the joy of living and experiencing life in the here and now – another catch phrase this time mindfulness in disguise.
I read ‘Anatomy of Spirit’ about 15 or so years ago and it made an imprint on my thought processes – of benefit, I believe so! Carl Jung’s Memoirs certainly impacted on my thought processes and I followed that interest up with a 2 unit course at University. I pursued my interest through reading the ‘Gita’ so that I could understand Jung’s position in regards to archetypes and religious symbology. I was hooked, so to speak with my interest in metaphysics already well-endowed through studies of the occult from my early teens and even pre-disposing that time-frame through my early childhood recollections of paranormal activity. You could say the conduit was open early.
So what does that have to do with the price of eggs in China! Absolutely nothing but it does have something to do with my state of mind right at this moment.
My bird has flown the cope so to speak, actually I mean that quite literally. The aviary my bird lived in during the day used to be the chicken coop until my rainbow came home with me on one visit to the produce to buy – you guessed it – chicken food. The chickens laying box was then shifted out of the aviary and the bird – my Sammy Rainbow took up residence.
It was my own fault – ownership where ownership lies, so to speak. And for the purists out there I’m not particularly concerned with grammatical correctness as opposed to good old fashioned heart felt communication! As I was saying it is my own ineptitude that led to my bird setting out into the big wide world. You see I was rather struck down with end of winter herbie jerbies and just starting to recover enough to get up out of bed. Let’s be fucking honest there are only so many days you can lie in bed with the flu not eating and barely sleeping before you start to make a recovery and that morning was the first time in 5 days that I got up and dressed to go to work. I was starting to feel better by that afternoon, but alas the damage was done! I did not properly latch the aviary door shut when I put my Rainbow away for the day. As was my custom late afternoon I went to see my ‘girl’ – she could have been a boy but I prefer to think of her as a girl!
Back to my point! My bird is out there somewhere dead or alive – I don’t know. Her bed is outside just in case. She slept in a pink pet carrycase with a lamb’s wool blanket that she crawled under each night. Before bed she was handled with so much love from the house hold. She tormented my cat until Alley Cat would look at me and I would pick Sammy Rainbow up so she did not harass the cat too much. She played with the dogs and did somersaults sometimes ending up in my plate. Plan of action in the search for Sammy Rainbow in amongst all of the other crap I have going on at the moment. Life is what life. Live it, Love it, Be it.


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