Monthly Archives: October 2015


I really love people. It was not always the case. I used to dislike people immensely. It comes from being shattered on more than one occasion. Wearing rose coloured glasses and having them smashed to smithereens through my expectation that people had the same values I do. People don’t and that is ok!
I am a bleeding heart, I hear a hard luck story and I want to help and on many occasions my Good Samaritan act ended in tears – generally mine and I looked like the bad guy. It happens to a lot of people. It is energetic baggage that attracts that type of situation. Thankfully, I have cleared the need to be disappointed in other people not meeting my expectation of how things should be and instead I actively work on accepting people and situations for how they are. It is so much lighter, not carrying an expectation around of being disappointed. There are still moments but having awareness allows a quicker more stable return to feeling good rather than being a victim of expectation.
It is the expectation of how people should behave that can cause pain and suffering almost as much as it is somebodies behaviour. People may not even realise that you have a certain expectation about how they should behave. At the end of the day you can only place an emphasis on how you behave. If someone is not meeting your expectations, that is not their problem but your own. It can be a difficult path to understand that you have no right to expect another to uphold what they may have promised.
At the end of the day it is your choice to be disillusioned by how others behave or you can make a choice to accept the disappointment and let it go. We cannot control other people, nor can we guilt them into doing what we perceive is the right thing. We can only accept how we feel and what we chose to do about it. I believe accepting how you are feeling is of primary importance but harbouring resentment because people may not live up to our expectations is a sure recipe for disaster and an energetic waste of time. All that emotional baggage gets stored in the body and leads to dis-ease which in turn can lead to disease.
Acceptance and understanding of your own feelings is of prime importance in the path of health and happiness. Be at peace with yourself. It is a work in progress, but one I am committed to following through.